Fund Performance select a fund that able to meet few criteria as below:

1. Past 6 months performance
2. Consistent return with minimum 10% per month
3. Consistent Trading Behaviour
4. Able to Control Emotion
5. Have Recovery capability
6. Fund Manager can follow his own SOP (Standard Operating Procedure).

Our fund divided into a few categories:

1. Forex Fund (Position and Scalping)
2. Gold Fund (Position and Scalping)
3. Index Fund
4. Crypto Fund

Elite Trader to trade for you
Elite Trader to trade for you

Performance as below:

Code name: Borneo-101

Our Profit Sharing is at scale rate with :

1. Min USD1,000 (Profit Sharing 60:40)
2. Min USD50,000 and above (Profit Sharing 65:35)
3. Min USD100,000 and above (Profit Sharing 70:30)
4. Min USD500,000 and above (Profit Sharing 75:25)
5. Min USD1 million (negotiable)

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